Digital customer
platform for brick and mortar companies

HeapsGo helps you own your customer relationships. We build, run and scale a digital platform for your company and your customers.

What is Heaps Go?
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All components to launch your digital platform to customers

We bring together everything required to launch a digital platform tailored to your business and it’s customers. HeapsGo is currently powering clients within restaurant, retail, nightlife, entertainment and companies in between. HeapsGo always integrates with the existing business, both within digital and non-digital operations.




Payment & Subscription


Web platform

App platform

App platform




Payments & Subscription

Administration and web platform

Web platform



Scandinavias largest nightlife platform powered by HeapsGo

Being the frontrunner in the industry, REKOM wanted to own their customer relationships, increase loyalty, improve their user experience and introduce new opportunities and revenue streams.

Heaps Go strategized, built, launched, scaled and now operates the digital platform at their more than 120 bars and nightclubs throughout Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Connecting +120 venues in Denmark, Finland and Norway
Increasing frequency of visits and spend through loyalty and digital
New revenue stream from
digital subscription
Improve offering and operations throughout company from data collection
New marketing opportunities by owning platform
Taking REKOM from physical-only to digital-first company


Own the connection with your customers

Own your digital touch-point

Your app is the digital touch-point always in the pocket of customers.

Communicate easily

Sell and communicate with customers in new ways. E-mail, app-push messages, SMS across channels.

Introduce new revenue streams

Introduce new revenue streams as you expand your offering with new digital opportunities.

Learn from data insights

Follow your customers and your business across all channels, that you own. Learn and optimize based on new actionable insights.

Optimize your business

Improve your existing services and products with new digital tools.

Grow your business offering

Enable brand new services and products that were not able before.

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We're here to help physical stores get digital and connect with consumers

Restaurant & Cafe




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HeapsGo integrates into your existing setup seamlessly

The HeapsGo platform will be custom fit for your company and the needs of your company and customers. Therefore, HeapsGo will also be integrated into your existing setup making everything work smoothly and easily.
If you have some existing systems running, they'll continue to work.
As an example, you might already have an existing way of communicating with customers - now you'll just get even more customers to interact with and more relevant information about them.
Further, revenue from your HeapsGo platform will automatically be integrated and reported to your finance systems. The new revenue will hence just go into your existing setup and budget.


A proven process to succeed with your custom-tailored platform

Our features and tools are ready to use - it's like lego blocks. You can build anything - what matters is how you put them together.

Therefore, we dive into your business and it’s strategy as well as your customers. Heaps Go will help power an integral part of your current business or expand upon it. It’s hence critical that we choose the right concept, build the right brand, leverage the right technologies and launch it meaningfully to give the best possible experience.


We’re here to help brick and mortar offer top notch digital solutions to their customers.

At Heaps Go, we want to democratize digital platforms for brick and mortar. The new generation of consumers expect top notch experiences when they interact digitally with brands.  Great digital platforms should not only be for Starbucks and McDonald's. Therefore, we have spent the time and taken the investment to offer a state of the art platform to any brick and mortar company.
Today, most brick and mortar rely on big tech companies and have very little say.
Facebook should not own your community, you should.
Wolt should not own your take-away, you should.

Our platform connects your customers with the brand they love and allows you to own your relationship with them.  Further, we let you build new features, new revenue streams and improve upon the business that you are the absolutely best at doing. Own your relationship with your customers and go digital.

We want you to leverage the age of digital - the time is now.

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Heaps is your trusted
partner all the way.

Digital platform is tested with proven results among both small and big partners
Get a digital innovation department when partnering with HeapsGo
Cutting edge tech that is already running other successful platforms
Experienced team of 20+ experts working on and advising partners
User friendly design loved by our customers - our results speak for themselves
Always at hand 24/7 support including direct contact to success manager
Part of Heaps Digital Ventures. Established in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark