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The future is digital

At Heaps Go, we want to democratize digital platforms for brick and mortar. The new generation of consumers expect top notch experiences when they interact digitally with brands.  Great digital platforms should not only be for Starbucks and McDonald's. Therefore, we have spent the time and taken the investment to offer a state of the art platform to any brick and mortar company.
Today, most brick and mortar rely on big tech companies and have very little say.
Facebook should not own your community, you should.
Wolt should not own your take-away, you should.

Our platform connects your customers with the brand they love and allows you to own your relationship with them.  Further, we let you build new features, new revenue streams and improve upon the business that you are the absolutely best at doing. Own your relationship with your customers and go digital.  

We want you to leverage the age of digital - the time has come.

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Founded in Copenhagen in 2014 to connect people through digital solutions.

A global endeavor

We're a team of software engineers, designer, marketeers and strategists that all share the passion for building great digital solutions.

We've scaled our own companies and projects globally as well as worked with world-renowned companies and individuals at all stages. We've tried everything from launching a social app with global influencers in Los Angeles to digitizing nightlife with the biggest nightlife operator in Scandinavia.

Now, we have put it all together - our technology, experiences and skills - to help brick and mortar go digital with the tools that can move them into the new world, on their own terms.

Meet the team

Niels Hangaard

CEO, Co-Founder

Frederik Christiansen

CMO, Co-Founder

Jens Grud

CTO, Co-Founder

Kim Hemsoe


Tomislav Novoselec

Software Developer

Kamil Biela

Software Developer

Furkan Cengiz

Software Developer

Alexander Hemmingsen

Junior Product Manager

Proudly backed by top investors

Gary Vaynerchuck

Entrepreneur by heart. Digital marketing and awareness expert. Investor in Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and four-time bestselling New York Times-author.

Ron Burkle

Co-founder and/or investor in Yucaipa Companies, A-grade Investmensts and inevitable Venture. Investments include Whole Foods, Soho House & Airbnb.

Also early investors in

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Part of Heaps Digital Ventures. Established in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark